Be There! DBSC Coffee Talk on 2nd of June


DBSC Coffee Talk for the third time on 2nd of June! In this episode Ákos Lőrincz of United Call Centers will discuss with guests such as Barbara Hadobás (Flowserve), Juan Arbelaez (DIEHL Aviation), Talal Khalid (Transcosmos) and László Szilágyi (4iG) on topics and personal experiences related to multinational business service sector.

We asked Ákos Lőrincz about next Wednesday's episode.

Please introduce the DBSC Coffe Talk series to us!

The basic idea was to organize a couple of free-to-visit events, which are not only for students of the Faculty of BA, Economics, or the University of Debrecen in general. Our topics are similar as in our university courses, in a bit more instant form, from a people-to-people perspective, to make it easy to understand for every listener, what the business services sector is, what kind of people work here. Participants can talk to leaders of the sector, get more information on topics that would be interesting to them: how to enter the world of work, what are your options with a degree, or with a strong, even abroad acquired language proficiency. The conversations are characterized by a relaxed, „café talk” atmosphere, as the name of the series suggests.

Is there anything special about the next event?

Unlike before, this time our guests will not be professionals or company executives who have been in the industry for ten to fifteen years, but colleagues who started working merely two or three years ago, graduated from the university with a degree, and then found a job in our sector. For example they may have studied social pedagogy at the university, but now they may be dealing with accounting. If you have strong language skills, these companies can provide all other professional knowledge. One of the interesting things about this sector is that so-called soft skills like speaking and communication abilities are quite often more important than, say, scientific knowledge.

It will be a real international team next Wednesday. 

That's right. This time we see our city through the eyes of foreign students living in Debrecen. Juan came from Colombia, Talal is from Kuwait - they studied here, they work here, and for some reason they chose us, this city, to imagine their future here for even longer. It is important to show how diverse this sector is in all respects, we have the chance to meet a lot of people, with whom we can work together. We can gain many valuable experiences by them, about the culture of other countries, about other nations' attitude to work, and of course, they can also learn from us.

This event will be special for you personally too, as you will debut now as a host, right?

It's always exciting, although this role is not completely new for me, as I have already given lectures at the University of Debrecen in Hungarian and English on the same topics.

For whom do you recommend next Wednesday's DBSC Coffee Talk?

For those who speak English of course, as we want to emphasize the usefulness and importance of language skills in today's world, especially for someone who has just graduated from the university, looking for a job, or just wants to get to know the customer service or IT in general. And those who have been in the profession for a long time. They can get a chance to remember a bit what the beginning was like, how much the world, the expectations of the employees and the experiences of the students have changed. It was also discussed in the previous episode, how different opportunities the market players had fifteen to twenty years ago in Hungary who can now be considered pioneers in these sectors, compared to today’s career starters. This can be interesting to see for anyone how much this sector has developed.

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