Foxpost’s customer service system is being developed by United Call Centers on an AI basis

Foxpost, one of Hungary's largest and dynamically developing small parcel logistics service providers, entrusted United Call Centers (UCC) with the operation of its customer service. In addition to classic operator service, the order also covers the development of an artificial intelligence-based service following the initiative of UCC.

The first phase of AI deployment enables rapid, automated handling of the most common customer service question types. Among these, the information about the status of the packages represents a prominent part, in connection with which the system can already identify the caller based on their phone number, so it can handle the inquiry immediately without waiting - whether it comes from the buyer or the sender.

„The development providing non-stop service is based on the AI-based Aiden virtual system, which, following several years of development, is now capable of voice and text-based customer service as well as complex data analysis processes," said Zsolt Máté Juhász, the managing director of UCC. - In addition to increase the customer experience, it can also reduce turnover, as operators can deal with more dynamic and varied tasks instead of repeating the most frequently occurring questions.”

In a recent survey conducted by UCC among nearly five hundred thousand residential customers, it was revealed that 78 percent of the respondents consider it a significant or serious problem during customer service relations if they are kept waiting for a long time. A service that is difficult to access outside of working hours was considered a significant concern by 48 percent. These problems can be remedied by AI-based solutions, and customers are increasingly open to this: according to the survey, 71 percent of respondents have already used an automated customer service system, and most of them reported that this contact resulted in an immediate solution for them.

Foxpost, which was one of the first to use parcel machines in Hungary, was rated the best among parcel machine service providers in the GKID market research survey for the eighth year now. One of the keys to its popularity lies in its business model, which is based on innovative solutions and uses a wide range of digital solutions, in addition to the availability of its rapidly increasing number of machines in premium locations.

United Call Centers

United Call Centers (UCC) is one of the market-leading providers of outsourced customer service solutions. The main profile of its activity is multilingual customer support by phone, email, and chat, the automation of business processes, and the development of services based on artificial intelligence.

The Hungarian-owned UCC, founded in 1999, operates in more than 50 languages and 40 countries and works with 700 employees worldwide. Its clients are companies that represent outstanding quality in their respective fields in the telecommunications, food-, energy-, health industry, e-commerce, and e-mobility. The basis of UCC’s success is the constant effort to provide its clients with an outstanding customer experience with the help of the most advanced technologies available.