Business Service Basics Again at University of Debrecen this Wednesday

The main topics will be the basics of labor law and human resource management

On Wednesday, October 13th, once again Business Services Basics organized by Debrecen BSC Roundtable. At the next event Evelin Tóth, Human Resources Officer of Transcosmos, and on behalf of United Call Centers, Dr. Norbert Kovács, our company's Head of HR and Legal will give a lecture to the students of the University of Debrecen.

The purpose of the lecture is to familiarize students with the fundamentals of labor law and processes for HR management, from recruitment, selection, integration, and performance appraisal to individual and organizational development issues, including functions such as education, training, or communication assistance.

Regarding Wednesday's presentation, Norbert told us in advance:

“Because on this type of occasions the time available is finite, we always get a helicopter view of those topics, but I’m sure we’ll pass on useful knowledge to many. It's important to address this issue, as the knowledge of the people are often incomplete, whether we are talking about young people starting their careers or those who have been in the labor market for decades. If we know the mechanisms of labor law or HR, it’s easier to embark on a new, work-related phase of our lives, as we’re talking about things that might even belong to general basic education. Those who are aware of these basics couldn’t be surprised in the world of work.”

Of course, this should not be imagined as requiring students to take notes on all sorts of dry legal definitions for several hours. As always, the audience can expect the usual interactive performance in a good atmosphere.

“We strive to pass on the necessary knowledge to students in an entertaining way through practical examples. What an employment contract or a job description is like?  What is the difference between a fixed or a flexible work schedule, what are the rules for working hours? How to use work breaks, lunch breaks, rest time, what counts as overtime, what is standby time? To whom is the amount of leave granted, can someone be reinstated for the leave they have begun, and finally, how can the employment relationship be terminated if necessary?

Thus, in this case, the presentation is an interactive event in which we are constantly involved in the students as well. And in the section on HR, we deal with the role of the people in the company and its often surprising aspects.”

This will be the fourth event in the series. Zsolt Szmolinka, CEO of the United Call Centers - who was the presenter of the lecture on September 22 - said the following about the event retrospectively:

“We had a very good time for an hour and a half that Wednesday afternoon. Since the course can be attended by any of the students of the University, we had a completely mixed audience, computer scientists, humanities as well as students of economics, commerce or marketing departments. Without wishing to be exhaustive, the presentation addressed questions such as what are the characteristics of the BPO sector in terms of career orientation, what synergies could there be between the ideas of young people and the opportunities offered by the business services sector?

At the beginning of the lecture, we conducted an interactive survey with the help of Mentimeter, during which it turned out that even if not everyone is aware of all professional definitions, the sector itself and basic concepts such as shared service center, call and contact center are not unknown to students. We see that this sector is attractive to a lot of young people, as it offers plenty of positions and development opportunities for hungry, motivated students, as well as a good starting point after graduating from university. Many people stay in the industry for even longer - I can prove this with my own example, but I could say that about many other colleagues from the United Call Centers team. The diversity of participants is an important feedback that this area can be a challenge and a career opportunity for anyone.”

The series of Business Service Basics - what started in September - ends on December 8, with a large-scale closing event, DBSC Coffee Talk, which will crown the series in the “Audmax” (Auditorium Maximum) hall of the University of Debrecen.

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