Artificial intelligence (AI) is used by 31% of medium and large enterprises

44% of key decision makers believe AI will be a key element of business strategy in the future

According to a global survey of key decision makers by United Call Centers (UCC) 31% of medium and large companies have incorporated AI in some of their processes, while a further 19% are already experimenting with AI solutions. 38% of respondents believe that the introduction of AI will significantly improve their company's competitiveness and ability to innovate, while 44% believe AI will be a key component of their operations moving forward.

UCC, as a business partner of IBM, assessed the main drivers of AI adoption across different industries in a survey focusing on key decision makers in Western Europe and the US. According to the survey responses, half of the medium and larger companies are already using AI at least on an experimental basis, and a further 37% of companies said they were aware of it but had not yet implemented an AI solution.

In particular, respondents to the survey expect AI to have a significant impact in the following main operational areas; Data management and analysis, customer service and support, and marketing & sales, but also see significant potential use in product development and design, and in improving financial and accounting processes.

Areas of Application

In terms of expected benefits, most of the surveyed key decision makers expressed increased efficiency and productivity (94%), but the vast majority also cited cost savings (88%), as well as reduced reaction times and faster decision making (87%) as important factors.

44% of decision makers see AI as a significant element of future business strategy, and a further 44% believe it will play an important complimentary role. In terms of competitiveness and innovation, 37% expect a moderate impact from the introduction of AI, 19% expect a significant impact, and a further 19% expect a fundamental impact.

The survey also covered the challenges and limitations associated with AI. 38% of respondents cited security and privacy concerns about AI, while 37% highlighted the lack of human connection as a key issue. At the same time, 75% of key decision makers who responded expressed confidence in AI, with the caveat that they wanted insight into its decision making mechanisms and processes.

"The results of the survey show that due to market competition and the obvious associated benefits, artificial intelligence is spreading rapidly and in a wider range of applications among medium and large enterprises" explained Balázs Kopcsó, Head of IT and Development at UCC. - Companies plan to implement and develop it in different ways: 19% prefer in-house research and development, 25% plan to collaborate with other companies or research institutes, while 50% will outsource this task to external experts."

United Call Centers

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