World Telecommunication Day

On May 17, 1865, the founding charter of the International Telecommunication Union was signed in Paris by representatives of twenty countries, including Hungary. To commemorate this, World Telecommunication Day has been held since 1968. World Telecommunication Day was renamed World Telecommunication and Information Society Day in 2006, which now aims to raise awareness of the potential of the Internet and other information and communication technologies for society and the economy.

Delivering news and messages as quickly as possible was of strategic importance in all ages. Significant developments in light signals have taken place when stationary light signals have been replaced by a light source (torch, lamp), that can be moved at will; such light sources could be obscured or moved as desired and at intervals, making it possible to deliver even the most complex reports to their destination. For centuries, among other things, the signals were transmitted by means of light, and people communicated to each other with beacons lit in visible places (e.g.: on hilltops). Another method is sound, which helps the flow of information.

According to the general opinion, the first telephone exchanges were realized in 1878 in Boston and then in 1879 in Paris according to the principles of Tivadar Puskás. With his younger brother, Ferenc Puskás, he started building telephone exchanges in the area of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in 1881. In another view, he is the inventor of telephony as well.

Telecommunications have now become an important part of human life. In our ever-evolving world, it would be hard to imagine modernity today without a reliable cell phone, tablet, computer, or Internet connection. Communication has become extremely important in the 21st century and thanks to continuous development, communication has now become commonplace, faster, and more transparent.

Thanks to this technology and development, United Call Centers provides quality services to its Partners in the areas of customer service, customer management, sales, and related business activities, and now employs nearly 250 colleagues in Hungary, and 200 employees worldwide through our home-based model in more than 30 languages.

UCC not only handles phone calls but also proactively seeks out service development opportunities through sophisticated analytics. Today, our company uses digital solutions such as phone calls, email, webchat, text messaging, social media, video chat, chatbots, and robotic process automation (omnichannel and RPA model) to increase efficiency. The international division of our company provides services within the framework of teleworking, with employees who work in the field of customer service and telemarketing. Where else can we improve? Today's latest step is 5G, which provides Internet access to up to one million devices in a half-kilometer radius using an antenna system that is no denser than the current network. This means that the moment is approaching when all our devices will really be using the internet. TA Technological development is becoming more and more part of our lives day by day, we try to contribute to the development of the global information society with our automated systems and chatbots.