United Call Centers Jukebox

A playlist in honor of International Music Day, compiled by our team

As Page Hamilton, vocalist and guitarist of Helmet said once, music is enormous, transcendent unifying force. But why are we talking about this topic on the website of an international BPO contact center company? It could be trivial, but we often talk about companies as if they were some kind of faceless, impersonal, elusive entities. Yet companies are made up of people, who, like the team of United Call Centers, are often from geographically distant parts of the planet, born of other countries, other cultures, but they speak the same language both literally and figuratively.

The music we enjoy listening to as a common language without words often says more about us than any nicely worded CV, motivation letter or company presentation. Since the first day of October is the International Music Day since 1975 - on the initiative of violinist Yehudi Menuhin - we have compiled a selection of a so to speak United Call Centers' Greatest Hits playlist in honor of this great day, for which many of our staff sent his favorite songs and musical pieces from all over the world. The list of more than seventy recordings is so diverse like the team of the United Call Centers, as it includes baroque music, progressive rock from 70s, hip-hop, contemporary romantic house or even Norwegian black metal arranged with classical musical instruments.

We hope that everyone will find a song in it what they love! Music is life itself - have fun!

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