Ucc Is on the Stage of FMCG

On 23rd September 2020 UCC participated in the FMCG Business Days conference organized by Trade magazine in Tapolca, Hotel Pelion.

Our company was represented by Zsolt Szmolinka (CEO) and Balázs Kopcsó (Head of Business Development), who were able to take part in numerous professionally outstanding and motivating presentations.

Attending the event was an important milestone in light of the fact that UCC, which has been in the bloodstream of the FMCG industry for years, has clearly made its mark in this sector thanks to a presentation by New Gen Sales. It has been several years of working with a number of partners in this sector, and this event was a positive confirmation that we are fundamentally changing the image of call centers with our own, unique sales approach. At United Call Centers, we have always set ourselves the goal of mapping out new synergies, presenting our business solutions, and, last but not least, connecting with professionals who are key players in this industry and who have dedicated their profession to this sector, and the 4-day event of Business Days fit in perfectly with this.

UCC’s business model has two defining poles that make FMCG companies and their operations more efficient. The first is sales: we have more than 20 years of experience building and nurturing customer relationships, the second is innovation and technology, as we still have a chatbot and chatbot system architecture that covers the fusion of sales and automation. In many ways, it is beneficial for a company to rely on the expertise and qualifications of UCC. As Zsolt put it at the lecture:

"The goal is to realize cost efficiency and performance optimization. We established a concept to achieve this in which the center of gravity of field sales representatives is shifted towards call center sales agents. No one thought a year ago that we would manage our tasks online eighty percent of our time. This change affects sales in the FMCG sector as much as in any other industry. This is also necessary for sustainability, as this is what UCC can create and further develop for its partners. In addition, we ensure compact business continuity, and to annulate the vulnerability of customer support, technology, and sales tasks, but at the same time maximize productivity and efficiency. Our current Partners have also experienced that the ars poetica of “success creates success” is not a mere fairy tale but reality.”

We believe that online solutions and the importance of their expertise will be a priority in the future. As part of the presentation, we also provided an opportunity for participants to test live the innovative chatbot developed by UCC by scanning a QR code. We hope that the technology currently being actively used by our Partners is a good illustration of our capabilities and our compatibility with the challenges of the future.