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What Does an Industry-Standard Software Do for a Contact Center Beyond the Day-To-Day Work?

Everything is the same in different ways. Every industry has its emblematic brands. Construction? Caterpillar or Bosch. IT? Microsoft and Apple, and so on. Music industry? Stradivari and Bösendorfer, or maybe Fender, Gibson, and Marshall in other genres. Studio technology? Pro-Tools, Focusrite, SSL. The list is endless. The business services sector is no different in this respect. It has its own representative tools, whatever the service area, or the specific task. But what an industry-standard software or technological environment can do for a contact center company beyond its day-to-day use? Can our technological background help us to sell, or to succeed in the market? Can it be a tool for internationalization?  We asked experts for their views on the subject.

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