“Social Responsibility is an Integral Part of Our Lives”

Róbert Hosszú, Managing Director of NI Hungary, and Zsolt Szmolinka, Managing Director of United Call Centers, were guests of the DBSC Roundtable on Debrecen Television's "Evening Close-Up" program. In the interview, hosted by Róbert Vojtkó, the topic of social responsibility was discussed in the context of supporting the Blue Bucket campaign of the Dorcas Ministries.

The full report is available on Debrecen Television's Youtube channel in Hungarian, but we've also transcribed the conversation in English for our visitors from abroad.

Róbert Vojtkó (DTV): In 2021, they will support the Dorcas Ministries Foundation, which means that this year they have joined the Blue Bucket campaign, Dorcas’ outreach campaign that has been running for more than a decade. Welcome to the studio, Mr. Robert Hosszú, Managing Director of NI Hungary, and Mr. Zsolt Szmolinka, Managing Director of United Call Centers. Thank you for accepting our invitation.

Róbert Hosszú (NI): Good evening!

Zsolt Szmolinka (UCC): Good evening!

Róbert Vojtkó (DTV): First of all, before we talk about what action you are taking, it is very important to clarify what the Roundtable is!

Róbert Hosszu (NI): Three years ago, there were seven companies working in this industrial segment. We decided to work together to try to make this sector as accessible as possible, as familiar as possible in the region, and to help the talent of the future discover the exciting career paths that can be taken in these companies.

That was the starting point, and today there are nine companies that are putting their own brand behind them, working together for a noble cause, to help the talent of the future to get more exposure to this kind of, I think international career path.

Róbert Vojtkó (DTV): So in a nutshell, introduction and presence in education are the two most important objectives.

Róbert Hosszu (NI): That's right.

Róbert Vojtkó (DTV): How successful is this initiative?

Róbert Hosszu (NI): I must say it's very successful, we have been able to launch several major programs in the last three years, where we run courses in English, German, French, Dutch and Hungarian, where we reach more than 500 students per year, who can learn about how to be successful in a corporate environment or in this industry. This is the university level. At the secondary school level, we're getting into teacher training; it's very important how we inspire students towards different career paths, how they get knowledge from their teachers about what the business services sector is. That's why we have launched an accredited teacher training course, which has already seen nearly 50 teachers taking part and learning about this sector. This is, I think, unique in the country because we have nine companies involved in a really selfless work, but we have also managed to make a mark internationally because we have managed to win places in various Central and Eastern European, European competitions in the category of best cooperation with universities, educational institutions.

Vojtkó Róbert (DTV): Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! How successful has it been in terms of the talent of the future that has actually emerged?

Zsolt Szmolinka (UCC): Not to mention that if I think about NI or the other member companies, they are all going through significant growth, and to create that, we need these people, these students, who will use the knowledge that they will gain from our courses here. In terms of numbers and percentages of success, this whole sector is still on the upswing.

Róbert Vojtkó (DTV): There's a part of your life, individually, as a company, but collectively as a force perhaps even more so, that you call social responsibility. What exactly does that mean?

Zsolt Szmolinka (UCC): It is very important that this is not just a holiday, but that we keep in mind throughout the year that there are people in need for whom we can do something. We're talking about if we have 5,000 people working in this sector, 5,000 students we reach directly, or tens of thousands of people we reach through social media, what is our responsibility, what is the message that the DBSC Roundtable is communicating? So, in the context of social responsibility, not only the companies individually, but now through a joint effort through the Dorcas Ministries, who are helping the people of Debrecen and the people of the region, we want their 30th anniversary year to be memorable for everyone, and for us to be able to play our part in it. We are not only there to help with the Blue Bucket's virtual orders or materials, but also with the assembly and delivery of the parcels.

Róbert Hosszu (NI): I think that now, as the world has changed, seeing the difficulties that even the epidemic has brought, I think that attitude is being appreciated in the world. When nine big companies selflessly come together and even try to do this together, I think it can be very inspiring - and I am very proud that we can do it in this way.

Róbert Vojtkó (DTV): How open are your colleagues? We're talking about 5,000 people, that's a very, very significant batch, especially when you add up the fact that there are families behind them.

Róbert Hosszu (NI): Perhaps the most important thing for a large corporate community today is to pave the way for this, to find a partner, and then to help people to get involved effectively and as easily as possible when they feel inspired. It's important that when we donate, we are not only involved in the collection, but also in the execution itself, the physical distribution. I think that this kind of involvement can certainly leave a deep mark on everyone and I think that can be attractive to people.

Zsolt Szmolinka (UCC): This education, this education that we have just received, we hope that it can be acquired not only in the present situation, but also in five to ten or twenty-five years' time, either through the Dorkász or through another foundation. I think we are in an educational phase - it is an evolution that we can be part of and that we want to continue, so it is not a one-off story, I think.

Róbert Vojtkó (DTV): Will you be involved in the collection and donation?

Zsolt Szmolinka (UCC): There should be no question about it!

Róbert Hosszu (NI): Absolutely!

Róbert Vojtkó (DTV): I want to talk about the personal side.

Róbert Hosszu (NI): The fact that I can now represent such an altruistic cause with nine companies is an additional motivation. I would have done the same in the colours of NI, but I think it's good that we're not doing it only on behalf of a company, but as a co-operation, and representing ourselves in it.

Zsolt Szmolinka (UCC): And to share this with others, to see the smiles of joy on people's faces, is worth any financial return. Robi and I are also good friends, besides running companies, we also support families individually, it's an integral, organically integrated part of our lives. It's very important that it's not an over-mystified thing, and to keep it simple: if you can help, put yourself out there and set an example! We try to simplify it, because the more we over-mistify it, the harder it is for people to make the effort to help.

Róbert Vojtkó (DTV): My heartfelt congratulations on your personal approach and also on your cooperation. Thank you for accepting our invitation.

Róbert Hosszu (NI): Thank you!

Zsolt Szmolinka (UCC): Thank you very much!

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