Radio interview – AI will be a key element of business strategy

58 percent of residential customers support the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by customer services in order to satisfy their needs at a higher level. Read our full research here.

The results of our research have been published in numerous press outlets, and Balázs Kopcsó (Head of IT and Development) gave an interview to Trend FM, one of the biggest economic radio stations. In the interview we discussed the connection between retail customers and artificial intelligence, hybrid solutions, the importance of live support and the most popular customer service channels. Thanks again for the opportunity to interview Trend FM, which can be listened to in the original language or with English, German, Italian, Spanish or French subtitles by clicking on the banner below.

On 12 October, Balázs Kopcsó will present the results at the conference "Smart company - 2024. Even smarter next year!" in Budapest. The event will focus on the "smart company" toolbox and its impact. Balázs' presentation will be available from 13:50 to 14:15. The title of the presentation is "Human. Technology. Better Together. Artificial Intelligence is rewriting business strategy."

For more information on the conference, click here.