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Businesses with an exponentially increasing demand for their brand-new products might consider what is the best way of offshoring customer service. The customer experience offered by some outsourced contact centre solutions can raise concerns in both the business and the customer. Thanks to advanced computer-assisted technologies, scheduling, appointment setting, order taking, and order processing are cost-efficient and convenient in the virtual call center. The online agent is trained according to the client’s specifications and full collaboration to ensure perfect understanding of the product and its advanced features. The outsourced contract centre as a single point of contact offered by UCC is cost-efficient, implemented to offer full transparency and client involvement in shaping customer experience with a high level of service. The at-home agent, equipped with the best technology at our disposal, and a speaker of inherent native competence of the language your customers communicate in, is a multi skill professional at the home center.

Thanks to a firm background in multilingual customer service outsourcing, market research, telesales, and telemarketing, our professsionals can effectively set up a call centre solution optimising utilisation, with the focus on adding value to the clients’ strategic vision right away. As a global solution, UCC can accept application for its call center jobs from agents all over the world, and cover all inbound call center and outbound call center business requirements in all timezones. These contact centre services offer an unprecedented level of flexibility and customisation in real-time, which few call center companies can provide. Homesourcing is a resource model that is perfectly fitting your requirements.The cloud-based multilingual call center is an easily adjustable, scalable model, and it is sizeable to follow dynamically changing business demands, and can be the contact center that is never idle. UCC can provide an overview of its proven track record of short, mid and long term projects. We have expertise in setting up effective and closely monitored direct response call center solutions, and our clients chose us for responsiveness and our understanding their need for a value-adding approach.