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Lead Generation

An important aspect of an outbound call center operation is lead generation. Acquiring new customers via telesales and telemarketing is an important and effective method. UCC facilitates ecommerce contact centre services with high level of service to provide partners with leads in a timely manner. The online agent with a native speaker capability can work from a virtual, but still fully equipped home center to provide multi skill activities in sales. These can range from a mere cold call to sophisticated market research, as a global solution. Offshoring these activities to an outsourced contact centre might seem daunting in light of anecdotal evidence about the customer experience provided by call center companies. However, UCC strives to create a call centre solution with an agent who is a native speaker and is ready to elevate quality to the next level as a at-home agent. Outsourcing to a Home Office is remarkably beneficial in many aspects of business. Compared to local call center jobs, it allows both the employee and the employer to attain an uprecedented level of flexibility. This is an hourly rates based solution, which is the best for maximising utilisation. This way, the multilingual call center in the cloud is easily adjustable, sizeable on demand, depending on customer service volumes and client requirements. It is a resource model that is perfectly fitting your requirements. This multilingual call center solution also allows professionals to work wherever they are, whenever they are available. It is ideal for short, mid and long term campaigns.

UCC provides omni-channel, multilingual customer service as a single point of contact, and both outbound- and inbound call center solutions are possible, using voice or live chat. This way the call center can, apart from lead generation, function as a direct response call center or technical support call center, if required. The professionals working at UCC can also perform certain back office functions from the contact center, providing flexibility also in the dimension of the roles performed by the agents in the cloud, which allows us to create a truly bespoke solution on a multinational level.