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Appointment Setting

Setting appointments is a time-consuming effort which might leave the company’s contact centre services bereft of working hours which could be focused on more complex efforts that improve customer experience. In order to demonstrate a high level of service, it is necessary to be proactive and initiate communication with the customer. As part of a broader telesales or telemarketing, or in general, ecommerce effort, the most beneficial, cost-efficient way to gain more traction for a product or service might be outsourcing the appointment setting to an outbound call center. This can increase the productivity of the overall sales effort, and following extensive market research it can result in campaigns with considerable gains. Provided a database, the agent can also cold call prospects who might be interested in new, improved products. Offshoring this kind of lead generation will provide ample opportunities to any business to focus on strategic initiatives, while an outsourced contact centre takes over the simple, but high volume tasks at hand.

The global solution offered by UCC is a cost effective, but premium solution that is maximising utilisation, using the online agent to alleviate your business efforts from tedious, repetitive workload. This is a resource model that is perfectly fitting your requirements. While these kind of call center jobs might not require specialized knowledge, the at-home agent has multi skill capabilities and can adapt to rapidly changing business requirements, in an easily adjustable, scalable model. Whether your strategy changes its perspective to better utilise an inbound call center, a direct response call center, or technical support call center, the agents can retrain to different call center jobs as per your demands, and can work on short, mid and long term campaigns. A flexible multilingual customer service solution at UCC is always ready to tackle challenges which might hinder most call center companies at providing better customer service. The virtual contact center (as known as ’Home Office’ or ’Home Center’ in UCC’ terminology) can be the omni-channel multilingual call center that can adapt to your needs, as they change. There is nearly no limitation to language and labour capacity due to this unique home based setup. UCC acts a single point of contact, in order to oversee all your campaigns at once, in a standard environment, in line with PCI DSS, ISO 9001 and GDPR compliance. A revolutionary call centre solution can provide an opportunity which a traditional call center might not commit to, and UCC prides itself on a high degree of flexibility and scalability.