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In order to increase business hours, or to provide a dedicated channel for customers where they can forward general inquiries, complaints, covering customer service hours during specific events, an outbound call center is an appropriate global solution. UCC already offers a variety of contact centre services, ranging from ecommerce and telesales to multilingual customer service, however every business has their own specific demands. Depending on the industry your business is a part of, appointment setting, order taking, soft collection, complaint handling, and other tasks might be overwhelming local staff. A cost-efficient outsourced contact centre with positive, helpful staff can leave a lasting impression on your customer experience feedback; if the caller feels welcome in your business and receives expert advice from the multi skill agent, roaring success follows the high level of service. In order to maintain a consistently satisfying level of quality in its contact center offerings and to maximize utilisation, UCC resources its professional online agent staff from a Home Center background, with a hourly rates based service for cost efficiency.

The at-home agent (in our own terminology) is a multilingual call center professional working in the virtual environment referred to as the Home Office. Most call center companies provide call center jobs in their physical offices. This type of offshoring has numerous merits, however homesourcing is a game-changing business model in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market, because a home-based solution is a global capability with nearly no limitation to language and labour capacity. This call centre solution is offered with a higher degree of flexibility thanks to various technological advancements in telecommunications and outsourcing which allows the entire call center to be elevated to the cloud. This is a resource model that is perfectly fitting your requirements, and market research shows there is an increasing demand for the best inbound call center solution. The cloud-based direct response call center, as reinvented by UCC, is an ideal candidate for short, mid and long term projects and campaigns. Our projects are standardised in line with PCI DSS, GDPR and ISO 9001 compliance. Whether the next project is in a dire need of a telemarketing campaign, or back office activities, or even a technical support call center for consumer electronics products, it is already there in the cloud, with UCC acting as a single point of contact for overseeing all your campaigns.