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OmniChannel and Multilingual Customer Support Services with Global Workforce


The vast majority of consumers still prefer to talk to agents via phone. We provide Customer Service, Help-desk, Information Line, Order Taking, Telemarketing, Telesurveys, Early Collection, Database building and many more services in over a hundred native languages.


Email is the second most popular customer service channel. Whether if it's Customer support, Tech Support, Inquiry Handling, Order Taking or Appointment Setting, email communication with your customers are in good hands.


When your customers can’t use their phone but want to reach out to your company as soon as possible, web chat solutions is the most convenient way for a real-time customer experience. Webchat also can lead to a reduction in phone calls and to fewer post-sales customer issues.

Text Message

Text messaging is invaluable for private communication in public, for multitasking, or for simply having a conversation at your customers' own pace. SMS is a quick and flexible communication channel your customers are already familiar with using.

Social Media

If you want to deliver a seamless, brand-building, high-value experience to your customers, outsourcing your Social Media support is the right choice. We manage channel by channel with an appropriate service-level response, keeping the balance between being responsive and cost efficient.

Video Chat

The rise of mobile devices, along with several communication platforms keep you in touch with your customers like never before. Video allows for a near face-to-face conversation with an agent. This channel is definitely the future of customer service. Make it available for your organization today!


There are many companies in the telesales field globally. Tendencies show that quantity became more important than quality, and in most people, telesales meets with negative attitude, thanks to unprepared campaigns. In contrast, our expertise and continously evolving training program ensures that your company’s clients and customers get the highest level of service and most accurate information, which means more effective sales of your products and services.

Contact centre services include, apart from inbound call center functions, the outsourcing or offshoring of capabilities pertaining to sales activities. Telesales, as a multi skill activity, requires the agent to perform effectively in a variety of areas: ecommerce, telemarketing, market research, lead generation, and any related task that begins with a cold call. Unlike regular customer service, these tasks only provide adequate customer experience if the call center professional has a native level of language and a deep understanding of relevant sociocultural phenomena. Simple customer inquiries in a multilingual call center are sufficiently fulfilled by agents well-trained in policy, who only possess a conversational understanding of language; this is especially true in case of live chat. In order to be able to pitch effectively, one has to speak the language of the customers with the same dialect as they are familiar with.

The digital nomad, who works from a flexible home office environment that is maximising utilisation, benefits from the native language used in everyday life. As it is home-based, this is an easily adjustable, scalable model, ideal for short, mid and long term projects. The hourly rates make this setup cost-efficient, and it is a global capability with no limitation to language and labour capacity. The Home Center is a resource model that is perfectly fitting your requirements. It adds the inherent value of nativity to all outbound contact center operations, and by virtue of its cloud-based technology turns a call centre solution into a global solution. It is fully standard, in line with PCI DSS, GDPR, and ISO 9001 compliance. Back office and multilingual customer service, in addition to sales, are also a probable area in which the native agents can add value.

Customer Services

UCC provides flexible multilingual customer service as a global solution. Compared to traditional call center companies, where the outsourced contact centre is a physical environment, the digital nomad is situated in the Home Center. Even though the online agent is working in a virtual contact center, a high level of service is achieved in the Home Office that is on par with any call centre solution. The agent is working in a comfortable, familiar environment, and does not have to endure the stressful experience of commuting, eliminating concerns of tardiness. Our flexible, cloud-based customer service is a global capability with nearly no limitation to language and labour capacity. The Customer Experience in this unique call center is guaranteed to be above expectations by multi-skill, experienced professionals. The scope of activities are compatible with the established framework of a multilingual call center or technical support center. Answering general enquiries and complaints, offering help concerning the product or service, processing product returns and refunds, in multiple channels including voice, email or live chat.

In addition to an inbound call center, where agents receive the customers’ inquiries, there is also the possibility of initating communication to the appropriate parties. Outbound call center solutions can include following up customer complaints, telemarketing, market research, lead generation, ecommerce and telesales activities related to cold calls. Short, mid and long term projects are all within our scope. The operations are standard, up to date and in line with PCI DSS, GDPR, and ISO 9001 compliance. UCC provides services based on hourly rates, to increase cost efficiency. This can be a resource model that is perfectly fitting your requirements. Apart from sales, internal back office functions can also be substantiated with great efficiency and maximizing utilisation. UCC is at the heart of innovation in the SSC Hungary sector, therefore UCC also offers call center jobs in a number of established and up-and-coming SSC-focused regions in Hungary, where outsourcing is prominent. Call centers in Debrecen, along with call centers in Miskolc provide the backbone of our operations. The availability of physical locations makes it possible to offer hybrid solutions for contact centre services, as a single point of contact for overseeing all your campaigns. In this case, customer service is provided by offshoring (via homesourced agents from remote locations) combined with a local team. The hybrid solution provides considerable competitive advantages over more traditional call centers in Hungary, and as regional centers are generally more cost-conservative than call centers in Budapest, a direct response call center can be operated with increased transparency, and foreseeable costs.

Online Marketing

Get the most out of corporate interfaces! With Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Ads, banners, chatbots, and automated ads, the number of possibilities is endless. Our service is available at any point in the reach-act-convert-engage process. Traffic measurement, customer and market research and branding are all available.

UCC’s dedicated social media team and sales channel experts can analyze your content, measure traffic and create detailed plans to grow your online community. We are continually monitoring the latest trends and activities and can rapidly adjust campaign to increase reach. Our social media solutions include creating captivating campaigns from the ground up, including content, design and budgeting. Every campaign is meticulously planned providing you with forecasts, status reports, and suggestions for continual improvement.

We are using traditional social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, and continually explore the business opportunities from new players in the market such as TikTok as well. UCC’s social media team helps you plan your corporate communication, keeping mind your target audience, your brand values, and the interaction opportunities between customer and company. Our Robotic Process Automation tools help you identify and convert potential customers, and engage them with gamification, satisfaction measurement, promotions, and more. Chatbot technology can help create an immersive brand experience that helps showcase your products and share your vision using visuals adjusted to your brand book.

Consult United Call Centers today for a one-stop-shop solution for social media and online marketing. These services can supplement traditional voice-based services, and increase their efficiency with high-quality self-service options. Our omni-channel model allows you to target and communicate with customers in multiple ways, growing your community and helping them get the most out of your services. Today, every company needs to be present on multiple platforms, and our social media team can help you tell your story and write the next chapter of success.

Web Development

Use impactful corporate website design today. Our tailored, completely functional website is working responsively on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices, considering the demands of your company and customers. Quick loading speeds and unique features create the ultimate user experience. When it comes to preventing errors, our experts offer a comprehensive analysis and troubleshooting solution. We furthermore increase the loading speed of your website by optimizing the source code and images, which has a beneficial effect on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. Our experts establish the high ranking of your webiste with advanced SEO analytics, ensuring continual traffic from relevant areas. We offer an objective, customer-oriented approach, GDPR validation, and seamless solutions.

United Call Centers has agents supporting over 28 languages, and we can help with creating customized content for each market. Localizing your website can increase traffic and open up new streams of revenue. Combined with tailored, bespoke visuals created with the target market’s taste in mind, you can create an enjoyable, refreshing digital experience for your visitors. In addition to graphic design, UCC also offers content creationg, copywriting, and social media content services. Combine your website with a well-established social media community, and you can further strengthen your brand recognition worldwide. UCC can even increase the interactivity of the website with tailored chatbot services, so you can communicate with your customers 24/7.

UCC’s dedicated web development team ensures that your website is up to date, secure, and has every certification for uninterrupted operation. Showcase your services, introduce your mission with atmospheric visuals and convincing content in multiple languages. Share your creative vision with your dedicated account manager, and our team will bring your dreams to life. UCC provides comprehensive web development solutions with front-end and back-end development, so we can build completely new websites from the ground up. Win new hearts for your brand with an eye-catching, blazing fast website with engaging content that grabs the attention. Contact us for a tailored solution today.

RPA & Software Development

Robotic process-automation reduces your workload, pre-programmed bots replace the need for human intervention, saving you time and energy. Their development is essential for the cyclic review of systems and business processes to increase efficiency and release resources. Chatbots are embedded and work in social media platforms, can be monitored and provide personalized customer management, thus, enhance the quality of the corporate presence. With the assistance of chatbot, users can quickly and easily get the answer to their questions, manage their matters whether these are customer service, marketing, sales cases or any other target area.

The fundamental prerequisite of automation is that one organisation has got well-defined processes or tasks, which show certain repetitive patterns, also the organisation employs sufficient systems to support automation. This is not a simple question of increasing ROI, but rather a question of automation maturity. It’s not enough saying you want to automate, you also need to ask the question, whether you are ready to do so.

While more and more companies are providing automation consultancy and solutions, but there is still competition to be at the helm of RPA. There are many advantages that are already expected from this unique field: cost and labour savings, for one. Intelligent Process Automation alleviates concerns of attendance and productivity. No more sick days or holidays, with an added benefit of higher accuracy when completing tasks.

In some case studies, up to 80% cost reduction is observed, with rapid results (ROI in 1-2 years). There is no need to spend on customising existing or new systems, and the iPA reduces errors (up to 30% reduction of Average Handle Time), and therefore, the cost of fixing them. This can be utilised in wide-variety of processes across handful number of sectors, ranging from IT to HR Services, Finance & Accounting, also Supply Chain.

Customer Service - UCC

Customer Service Solutions

  • Customer Service
  • Information lines
  • Help-desk
  • Service desk
  • Customer Support
  • E-mail/SMS/Chat processing
  • Social Media interactions

Sales Support Activities - UCC

Sales Support Activities

  • Outbound telemarketing
  • Lead generation, appointment setting
  • Pre-sales services
  • Upselling/cross-selling
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Soft collection
  • Database building and management
  • Data cleansing

Marketing Support Activities - UCC

Marketing Support Activities

  • DM/e-DM campaigns follow up
  • Market research
  • Support of promotional campaigns
  • Database managements, consent collection
  • Planning and execution of CRM programmes

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Inbound Services

Inbound customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. Excellent service will provide you with a better reputation from your customers, that leads to loyalty and sustainable revenue. While contacting your company, customers are always expecting immediate resolution at their first call. Operating a contact center apparently seems easy; however a professional service requires complex technology, process and people management in the background. Let us do this job! Focus on your core business and be available for your customers in any time zones and languages across the globe!

We support your company with the following inbound customer services:

Inbound Services - UCC

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Outbound Services

Outbound telemarketing is the most interactive marketing medium available. Telemarketing allows you to answer your prospects' questions, address their concerns, and overcome their objections. Telemarketing is the only marketing medium that allows you to adjust your strategy midstream and make any changes at any time necessary to increase results. With telemarketing, you can change both your offer and audience with just one phone call. Telemarketing scripts can be edited with a moment's notice. And telemarketing calling hours can be adjusted.

We support your company with the following outbound services:

Marketing Support Activities - UCC