Oil Industry

Oil Industry - UCC

United Call Centers partners with representatives of the global and domestic oil industry. Owing to comprehensive expertise in the BPO and SSC sectors, we can offer flexible, innovative contact center solutions establishing exemplary customer experience with our services provided on behalf of our partners. These services can include customer support, inbound and outbound contact center services 24/7, help-desk and technical support, and last but not least telesales and telemarketing. United Call Centers aims to enable its partners to strengthen their reputation and brand recognition by maximising customer satisfaction, which allows them to retain their competitiveness in the short- and long term as well.

In the oil industry, as much in any other industry where we have partnered with different backgrounds, data security and the protection of technological infrastructure is of paramount significance. The ergonomically and infrastructurally exemplary contact center unit enables United Call Centers to retain and analyze customer data with maximum security. The comprehensive familiarity with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management framework which underpins service delivery is the guarantee that customer data is stored and managed with the high level of service expected in the SSC sector. Our redundant technological architecture is under constant monitoring by experts to provide the backbone of our quality services, and business continuity plans developed together with our partners enable us to handle unforeseen changes firmly, in a timely manner.

Our partners present in the healthcare, financial technology, food and beverages, telecommunications, and entertainment industries unequivocally echo the reliability and stability of the services provided by United Call Centers. These services are delivered in an omnichannel environment. United Call Centers can oversee all channels of communication as a single point of contact including phone, email, and social media, thus offering a cost-effective and efficient solutions to our partners outsourcing customer services. Today, multichannel communication is one of the most important way to strengthen a business’ brand recognition and reputation, and our comprehensive telemarketing services underpin our partners’ further, timely expansion and development.