Additional Services

More than Solutions

Innovative ways to support contact center and sales functions, from marketing to software development and recruitment.

Our highly trained team of contact center professionals that are available in any industries, language, and that can support any sales activities, can ensure that our customers have everything they need for the cutting-edge customer experience.

We work strategically with our clients to develop an online presence, corporate identity or customized software, recruitment, and temporary staffing solutions. Of course, all these services can be provided separately.

Branding & Marketing

Do you want to communicate in all possible channels, but don't have the conditions? With United Call Centers' team of developers, we help our partners create websites, online stores, microsites supporting sales campaigns, chatbots, and IVR systems. If required, we can take on the development of a complete online or offline corporate identity, from design to implementation, from copywriting to graphic design, and from newsletter creation to the management of social media advertising.

We meticulously plan all campaigns and interfaces, while providing forecasts, reports, and new ideas to support continuous development, so that your clients can continue to enjoy a cutting-edge customer experience when they visit your online platforms after the phone call!

Software Development

Our in-house designed chatbots provide our clients with a unique solution in the market in terms of practicality, customer experience, and freedom for users. Our solutions are available on multiple social platforms and can be customized to match our partner's branding. Chatbot technology allows us to support any business solution or process without operator intervention, from customer service to sales, HR, and back-office processes.

In addition to customer service-related software, we are at the forefront of developing RPA products for everyday HR and workplace applications, which can be customized to support any business process. We primarily offer them for high volume, simple tasks with high speed, automated execution. Save up to hundreds of man-hours per month by automating your processes!

HR Tasks, Temporary Staffing

An important part of our work is the management of HR tasks, also for our partners on request. Whether it is recruitment, payroll, social security, check-in, or check-out, we provide all the necessary skills and technology to carry out these tasks, ultimately relieving our clients. Thanks to our integration capabilities and our technological approach, we use top-quality automation tools to help increase efficiency, saving our partner's hundreds of man-hours.

We have a decades-long history in temporary staffing. Our collaborations enable us to support contact centers of up to several hundred people, managing the entire human resources area, allowing our clients to focus on their core activities.

Translation Services

One of the most exciting services that we offer, gives our customers access to automated and multilingual customer support solutions. Our technology integration skills allow us to automatically translate your documents while maintaining a high level of customer experience as if your customers were receiving assistance from native-speaking experts. We primarily offer these services when our clients want to serve two or three other language areas with a low call volume, in addition to the core language service, all while maintaining the maximum customer experience.

Ways and Tools

Corporate design, web development
Social media management
Customizable chatbots for corporate identity
Recruitment, case management, temporary staffing
Graphic design services
Custom-designed, client-tailored software
Automated translation services

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